What are Tours & Travels?

Traveling from one place to another for pleasure and relaxation is called tours and travels. For tours and travels, people usually explore the mountain, sea beaches, and natural environment. People find different places and environments for tours and travel according to their choice. Usually, people get inclined towards tours and travel just to get rid of the busy life. Also, people like tours and travel for personal hobbies. Generally, in the case of tours and travels, people prefer to go in groups. People prefer to make friends and family for tours and travels. In some cases, it is seen that people also like to go on a tour personally.


However, there are many complications in tours and travel, especially when you move from one place to another, there is a lot of concern about the security and travel arrangements. Skybzr is offering you a variety of tour packages and official travel arrangements with the solution to all the problems of Tours and Travels.


Thinking of Traveler, Skybzr has come up with a variety of tours and travel packages that will include overnight accommodations, travel vehicles, and healthy food.

We have partner organizations for travelers in all places of interest in Bangladesh.

For Tour and Travel Services skybzr has a sister concern, BD Tour International Ltd.


We have our three-star hotel, Patronize Sea Moon on the beach in Cox's Bazar.

We also have two cottages in St. Martin. BD


So we can offer any type of tour and travel services at an affordable price.


Services related to tours and travel that we provide.

·         Corporate or office tours.

·         Family tour

·         Group tour

·         Couple tour

·         Hotel booking

·         Airplane and ship tickets